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Double Room 1

Apartment 1

Double Room 1

520 / month

About this room

This comfortable double room comes with 1 low bed and 1 bunk bed. You can enjoy free high-speed WiFi and Ethernet in your room. The room is fully furnished and has a small store room for your belongings. Duvets, pillows, bed linen, and 1 laundry vouchers is provided by Milano Campus Casa.

About Apartment 1

This apartment is composed of:

  • 2 single bedrooms

  • 2 double bedrooms


Shared spaces:

  • 2 bathrooms with shower

  • Dining room with a kitchen

  • 1 outdoor terrace


You will share this apartment with 5 other students. The gender composition may vary each semester.

The shared spaces get a basic cleaning every week by professional staff.

Additional Information



Possible rent periods are:

  • Mid-August to Mid-February
    (winter semester | 6-month)

  • Mid-February to Mid-August
    (summer semester | 6-month)

The minimal renting period is

6 months

A two month rent deposit has to be made before moving in.


No Hidden Costs

The rent covers everything! You don’t have to pay extra for electricity, water, heating, WiFi, waste collection, furniture or decoration.

No hidden or additional fees!

Please note that there will be one-time administrative fees upon move-in.



Basic cleaning will be conducted once a week in the kitchen and common areas.

An extra paid cleaning lady for cleaning the bathrooms and the apartment can be arranged on request. The price for a cleaning lady is 15 € / hour and has to be paid by the students directly to the cleaning lady.

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